Walking through walls

The Gospel of John chapter 20 (verses 19-31 see below), Jesus introduces the topic of ‘PEACE’ – which, in our current Covid-19 circumstances, is a really good word for us right now. After the crucifixion the disciples locked themselves away for fear that they were next, the fact that Christ had risen, hadn’t dimmed the … Continue reading Walking through walls

The Passion of Christ

Good Friday brings us face to face with the primary Christian symbol, and that symbol is a cross. Through the Passion readings (SEE BELOW), we can be lead through the journey of the arrest, the journey of the trial, the last supper, and then the crucifixion.  A dark and difficult time for Jesus. The cross is … Continue reading The Passion of Christ

The Cross

Paul’s letter to the first-century disciples in Corinth (1 Corinthians 1: 18-31 – see below)speaks of the foolishness AND power of the Cross of Jesus Christ.  The Corinthians text describes Paul confronting the age-old debate about how do human begins to come to know God, to know God or recognize God?   Something, I daresay, we all … Continue reading The Cross

Don’t be afraid, there is treasure to be found

Don’t be afraid, there is treasure to be found.  That’s the message of Jesus in Luke’s gospel (Luke 12: 32-34 see below). In Luke’s gospel Jesus refers to a particular kind of treasure as “unfailing treasure in heaven”!  And who doesn’t love the thought of treasure, or better still finding it, or maybe better than … Continue reading Don’t be afraid, there is treasure to be found

The Assembly Marriage Decision: Frequently Asked Questions

A good reflection on a very difficult topic…..

Graham Perry | Presbytery Minister

Firstly, Thanks to everyone who has sent in helpful comments and encouragement after the last blog on the Assembly issues, including privately by email. Your thoughts were helpful and much appreciated.

logo-299x300It’s not my aim to spend the rest of my ministry career blogging about marriage, but as we are still working through the Assembly’s decision on marriage equality, I hope these thoughts may be a helpful resource.

A good number of members from Sydney Central Coast congregations gathered on Tuesday at St John’s Wahroonga for Presbytery’s promised Assembly feedback session. A key part of our meeting was for the members of Assembly to share their overall experience of the gathering and to highlight some of the other important issues the Assembly discussed. Maybe a future ‘Part 3’ of this Assembly blog might focus on those things, which all help the Uniting Church to say clearly what else we are about…

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